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A Delight

"We strive to create a fresh, fruity and aromatic Alvarinho white wine. A wine that allows the aroma and palate to reflect the unique characteristics of Quinta das Levadas and our artisanal winemaking process, transforming our grapes into a gastronomic delight".

Miguel Monteiro, CEO

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July 2021



Analytical Data

Total Acidity: 6.8 gr/l
pH: 3.34
Total Sugars: 5.5gr/l

Drinking Temperature

8-10 Deg C

A wine characterized by the perfect harmony between time, territory, and tradition. Our grapes are hand-picked, harvested, selected, and processed by our experienced team to ensure each bottle reflects our dedication to producing the very best Alvarinho wine.

Artisanal Winemaking

Perfect Harmony


YEAR 2021

Alvarinho 100%

The 2020/2021 wine growing season was marked by a winter and spring with the usual rainfall for the region, producing growth results typical to previous years. The summer was mild, providing excellent conditions for the slow maturing of the grapes with an excellent balance for the maturation of the sugars and tannins.


The grapes were harvested manually in the 3rd week of September, when the sugars were most ideal, and packed into small boxes in order to preserve quality  of the crop before transporting the  sorting a pressing.


After a careful selection and sorting at the entrance to the cellar, the grapes were destemmed and gently pressed. The wine ferments for 3 weeks and aged for 9 month in stainless steel vats.


Citrus, minerals and soft notes of apple and pineapple give this wine a very elegant nose, The palate reveals a smooth wine with acidity that gives it a freshness and lenght

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